Flex Rate

Let’s be honest. Having a budget that is easy to anticipate aids business in forecasting its future. I recognize this and that is why I offer a convenient and transparent fixed “Flex Rate” for my services.

My “Flex Rate” is not evaluated on an hourly basis. I have extensive experience in all of the services I offer and that’s why I know what it actually takes to effectively complete each service. This keeps my business motivated to complete work in a timely and reliable manner.

Please see the “Flex Rates” below for starters. I am always open to re-evaluation of these rates to hourly or a lessor value on a case by case basis.

Flex Rates

All services include one (1) free consultation

Bookkeeping – You Choose
Starting at $199/wk billed monthly

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bill Pay, Invoicing,Bank Reconciliations, and more.

Accounting – You Choose
Starting at $249/wk billed monthly

Payroll Processing (Including 940, 941, & Withholding), Account Reconciliation, Financial Reporting, Multi State Sales/Use Tax, Forensics, Month End, KPI Trending, Forecasting, Group Benefit, and much more.

Set-up, Integration, & Conversion
Set-Up: Starting at $600/ company

Conversion: Starting at $350/ Software – Will vary based on complexity.

Integration: Starting at $189/ Software

Quickbooks DT, Quickbooks Online, SAP, Sales Force, Accounting Seed, Peachtree, Custom, and many more.

Training – You Choose
Starting at $270/session billed at end.

Bookkeeping, Accounting, Implementation, Software, and much more.

Starting at $800/Network

MyDoc, SharePoint, OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, Etc.

Starting at $19/Square Foot

Office Space, Meeting Rooms, Reception Areas.

RDI – Research, Development, Implementation.
Starting with a free strategy session then $1,400/project

Special Projects, Accounting Procedure Manuals, Business to Business, Document Preparation, Program Selection, Employee Handbooks, and more.

Marketing – You Choose
Starting at $900/Set-up or $200/wk for management services.

Content is billed at $50/approved image.

Photography is billed at $180/session.

Website, Social Media, Content, Advertising, Networking, Leads, Photography and more.

Don’t See What You Need?
Take advantage of a strategy session. Just $200/session

I’ll customize my services to fit your needs.

Services delivered from hands on experiences

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